Deckchair Head Cushion

  • The Deckchair Head Cushion is the perfect addition to your deckchair, providing that extra bit of comfort!

    Select from a wide range of bright French striped cotton canvas or Sunbrella acrylic outdoor fabric colours to match your deckchair.

  • Cotton Head Cushion - 100% Cotton 
    Please note: colour will fade if left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time

    Outdoor Head Cushion - Acrylic Sunbrella outdoor fabric
    Excellent for long-term protection against UV rays, heat, light and inclement weather.

Ara Rouge - Acrylic
Ceret Cerise - Acrylic
Saint Vincent Rouge - Acrylic
Saint Vincent Roy - Acrylic
Tamarin - Acrylic
Tom Multi - Acrylic
Canet en Roussillon - Cotton
Ceret Cerise - Cotton
Collioure Rouge - Cotton
Collioure Vert - Cotton
Marin Ecru Bronze - Cotton
Marin Ecru Marine - Cotton
Marin Ecru Tomette - Cotton
Maury Anis - Cotton
Oxford Ecru - Cotton
Petitus Rouge - Cotton
Plein Soleil - Cotton
Rue de Bac Gris - Cotton
Saint Colombe - Cotton
Saint Vincent Rouge - Cotton
Tom Multi - Cotton
Uni Gris - Cotton
Uni Rouge - Cotton
Uni Taupe Border Noir - Cotton

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