U Shelf Large

  • The U Shelf by Universo Positivo celebrates the striking mix between the natural beauty of solid oak and the urban dynamism of lacquered metal. Designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer, it was created with a sense of aesthetics, simplicity and a coherent approach of lifestyle.

    Universo Positivo was initiated by Ethnicraft and the design duo Jan & Lara. The collection aims to democratise design through timeless, contemporary, European made, affordable furniture and navigates through collaborations with Hertel & Klarhoefer, David Caspar Schäfer, Thomas Merlin and Jonas Wahlström.

  • 700 x 150 x 150mm

    Colours: Natural/Agate Grey, Natural/Traffic Grey, Natural/White

    Solid European Oak timber with lacquered metal

    Available in 3 sizes

Agate Grey
Traffic Grey

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